Distance Learning

Summary: The Advanced Continuing Education Series (ACES) consists of more than 75 one-hour distance learning sessions designed specifially for Account Executives and Sales Executives. ACES uses webinars or teleconferences to provide a low cost method for improving knowledge, skills, and competencies without traveling.


  • Preparing for C-level Conversations
  • Understanding the Client’s Decision Process
  • Answering Tough Questions
  • Identifying Needs & Opportunities
  • Pre-Call Planning & Post-Call Follow-up
  • Competing Against Low-Priced Providers
  • Determining & Presenting Value
  • Gaining Commitment to Advance
  • Improving Your Active Listening Skills
  • Maximizing Your Personal ROTI (Return on Time Invested)
  • Building Multiple Coaches at Multiple Levels
  • Ensuring Solid Handoffs from Sales to Account Management
  • Finding & Working with Early Adopters & Beta Clients
  • Improving Your Position with Individual Stakeholders
  • Gauging Success in a Deal
  • When Clients Threaten to Leave
  • Becoming a Strategic, Trusted Advisor
  • Working With (And Around) Consultants
  • Leading a Remote Client Meeting
  • Understanding Committees
  • Justifying Your Solution
  • Leveraging Your Resources
  • Getting an Appointment with a Key Player
  • …and many more