Bob LaBarbera

Bob LaBarbera is president and founder of The LaBarbera Group, a 18 year-old sales education, executive coaching, and consulting firm. He specializes in high-end, competitive sales situations, helping clients who sell business banker services and technology-based solutions with skills, tactics, and strategies. His classes combine creativity with pragmatism, allowing his clients to immediately put to use their differentiating skills.

Bob has over 30 years of sales, management, consulting, and teaching experience working for and with technology companies. He got his start selling information technology solutions for Burroughs, Hewlett-Packard, and Stratus Computer, increasing his sales responsibilities to managing national accounts and sales organizations. An award winner at each level, Bob loved the challenge of coming up with creative solutions to complex problems in a highly competitive environment. His philosophies and principles carried forward into the founding of The LaBarbera Group where he created the content that serve sales executives and account managers today.

Bob graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a business degree and resides in Batavia, Illinois with his wife and son.

He can be reached at 630.406.1008 or