Summary: Competitive Renewals is a one-day program where participants critically evaluate their own highly competitive client situations and apply advanced strategies and tactics to improve their probability of retaining the client.


  • Signs your client may be looking and their motivation to look
  • Determining where you are most vulnerable to competitive attack
  • Strategies for when your client hires a consultant (and how to prevent it)
  • Gathering missing information needed to hone your strategy
  • Understanding the decision process and political dynamics
  • Evaluating relationships and power within the client organization
  • Utilizing personal needs of the decision making team
  • Developing a plan for selling at all levels
  • Selecting the best strategy or counter-strategy
  • Utilizing coaches to help refine your strategy
  • Getting teammates and other resources involved
  • Linking your differentiated value to the clients’ personal and company objectives
  • How to avoid the client becoming “at-risk”
  • When to consider other alternatives