Summary: Developing & Delivering Great Presentations is a two-day program where participants learn how to create and deliver customized, competitive presentations that are interesting, informative, and persuasive. Attendees receive professional coaching on their delivery style as well as content to take them to the next level as presenters.


  • Customizing each presentation for your audience and their expectations
  • Developing an action-oriented objective
  • Creating an overall message and easy to follow supporting messages
  • Designing and delivering powerful openings and closings
  • Getting the audience involved and creating dialogue
  • Keeping the audience’s attention
  • Selecting and utilizing multiple presentation aids
  • Building crisp-looking, simple slides
  • Using handouts that still maintain control
  • Preparing answers for expected questions
  • Rehearsing and reviewing yourself on video
  • Controlling the room environment
  • Alleviating and channeling nervousness
  • Improving your presentation vocal quality
  • Purposeful movement, powerful gesturing & maximizing eye contact
  • Answering audience questions and controlling difficult audience members