Summary: All-Win Negotiating is a one and one-half day program where participants learn a creative, problem-solving process for achieving wins for all parties involved in a complex negotiation.


  • Identifying all the internal and external stakeholders in the negotiation
  • Why Win-Win is the only outcome that works long term
  • Getting on the same side of the table
  • Building a mutually beneficial outcome
  • Introducing the process to your client
  • Identifying, understanding, & confirming the needs, wants, and expectations of all stakeholders from all sides
  • Reframing stances to needs and wants
  • Understanding roles played on both sides of the negotiation
  • Helping stakeholders fulfill personal needs during the negotiation
  • prioritizing needs into must-haves and nice-to-haves
  • Utilizing your coach
  • Keeping your cool and focusing on your objective
  • Creating multiple solution options
  • Identifying the positives and negatives of not reaching agreement
  • Evaluating and ranking alternatives for fairness and maximizing wins
  • Mapping out a strategy for trading items of value
  • Allowing the other side to save face
  • Overcoming dirty tricks and other lose-win tactics