Sales Education

The LaBarbera Group provides one and two-day private on-site workshops as well as one-hour remote workshops that emphasize building competitive skills, strategies and tactics to win in the complex, technology-based solution selling environment.

On-site Workshops

  • New Opportunity Selling
  • Competitive Renewals
  • All-Win Negotiating
  • Developing & Delivering Great Presentations
  • Developing & Delivering Great Team Presentations
  • Building Joint Value Plans with Clients
  • Getting In
  • Competitive Strategies & Counter-Strategies
  • Coaching for Performance

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One Hour Remote Workshops (ACES)

The LaBarbera Group provides over 75 one-hour, instructor-led distance learning sessions designed for sales executives, account managers and sales vice presidents.

These Advanced Continuing Educations Series (ACES) programs help geographically-dispersed sales forces improve their effectiveness on a regular basis while saving time and travel expense.

For a list of these sessions and short descriptions, please download the following PDF document. (Not yet enabled).